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Welcome! My name is Cheyenne i'm 15 years old, i like music, yoai, funny things and my friends ofcourse! enjoy my page♥




Reasons I grab my boobs

  • running upstairs
  • running downstairs
  • running
  • stoked on life
  • scared
  • walking through my house in the dark
  • bored
  • boobs

do girls really do this?

yes we do

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Anonymous: It's always funny to see how you say you laugh at haters, but deep inside you still get hurt. I'll admit, haters make you "famous". People who tell you to kill yourself and such, are just pathetic. But let's be honest. You /are/ pretty cocky and arrogant and you /do/ think you're one hell of an awesome cosplayer while there is still tons of improvement needed. Actually, same goes for your English. Why I'm Anonymous? Simple, I don't have an account on this website. I just felt like dropping by.


Haha oh  pleace ~~,Sending me this will not make me stop whit what i’m doing.And I dont think Im a awesome cosplayer there are alot of cosplayers that are better then me and I know.For me it doesn’t matter how good my cosplay looks!.if I have fun whit it that what’s counts.And Im not Cocky,or arrogant and my friends knows!!!.And be proud at you’r cosplay doesn’t make you Arrogant babe.And you don’t even know me so how can you tell Im all of this shit????.And I know my english isn’t the best but I have learn problems and that’s just rude.And you don’t know me so you couldn’t know that!!.I never did get English at school all I know now i did learn myself!.And Im proud of my English  even if it is super bad XD.And why you say this to me even?.What’s the point of this mail? Do you wanne make me cry or make me feel bad? Haha it doesn’t work like this you know.I never get hurt and,I dont care if you think it does.Anyways have a nice day and think twice again before you send those mails to someone.

If I knew who the fuck you are, I would kick your ass so fucking hard now. Let her have fun, if you dont even like here, go away and dont talk like that about her. She’s a amzing friend, I know here really long almost 2 years and she is very nice. At least she is awesomer then you ;) Cosplay is about having fun and not ”who is the best” she is young and speak normal days other languages dont expect from her that she speak English perfectly. Please fuck off you make me sick with this. What should she do then if she have a hater?! Let’s cry about it and give my time to a hater. Fuck no, I do this because she’s my best friend but normal I wouldn’t give you my time, I wouldnt give a fuck about you, no one give a fuck about you with this. You just ask attention, go make your own profile and start cosplaying, then we can talk about how bad you are. You have a big mouth for sitting there staring at your screen ,have no life, talk shit about people you dont even know. Please go fuck yourself, you make me so piss off right now. 



Pairing: Eren x Rivaille (Patient!Eren x Doctor!Rivaille)


Translation and typsetting by blizzard-bells


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Fully Fully ~ Pink Kitten (R-18 & English)



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i need


One levi around my neck trying to get taller to standing on a rack.
One Erwin standing sexy and cool
One Jean that get jelous of what i do.
Fuck to be a shota but I always will win.
And I get all the boy’s to sandwish in the hot spring.
Eren is my little bitch
and I wished all my dreams come treu.
To fuck heichou HMN YES THIS IS WHAT I GO DO
I Go to Reinder and tell him i want his Dick.
I will get beated up for be a dork and they will tell me im sick.

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Anonymous: You need to stop cosplaying. You suck.



Im sorry. I know but this is what i enjoy, so no. Leave me alone.

The one who suck’s is you!! I really really hate those mails like YOU SUCK AND STOP COSPLAYING!! I mean your not the person who need to say that!! NO ONE!! What the hell is wrong whit you!! God dammed!! And you send this in a anon mail!! I MEAN HOW CRUEL CAN YOU BE!! Not even showing your name!! This is just mean that you do this!! You are a coward and a big one!! JUST LEAVE MY SENPAI ALONE!! She is awesome,amazing,sweat,kind! (etc)! And now you only sound jelous and weak!! If i found you i burn you down!!