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Welcome! My name is Cheyenne i'm 15 years old, i like music, yoai, funny things and my friends ofcourse! enjoy my page♥



Pairing: Eren x Rivaille (Patient!Eren x Doctor!Rivaille)


Translation and typsetting by blizzard-bells


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Fully Fully ~ Pink Kitten (R-18 & English)



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i need


One levi around my neck trying to get taller to standing on a rack.
One Erwin standing sexy and cool
One Jean that get jelous of what i do.
Fuck to be a shota but I always will win.
And I get all the boy’s to sandwish in the hot spring.
Eren is my little bitch
and I wished all my dreams come treu.
To fuck heichou HMN YES THIS IS WHAT I GO DO
I Go to Reinder and tell him i want his Dick.
I will get beated up for be a dork and they will tell me im sick.

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Anonymous: You need to stop cosplaying. You suck.



Im sorry. I know but this is what i enjoy, so no. Leave me alone.

The one who suck’s is you!! I really really hate those mails like YOU SUCK AND STOP COSPLAYING!! I mean your not the person who need to say that!! NO ONE!! What the hell is wrong whit you!! God dammed!! And you send this in a anon mail!! I MEAN HOW CRUEL CAN YOU BE!! Not even showing your name!! This is just mean that you do this!! You are a coward and a big one!! JUST LEAVE MY SENPAI ALONE!! She is awesome,amazing,sweat,kind! (etc)! And now you only sound jelous and weak!! If i found you i burn you down!!

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I like this picture so much without a reason >//<
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